Thursday, December 26, 2019


Well … that’s over for another year! Now we just have to get past New Year’s and life returns to normal.
Christmas turned into a sunny day. What a break! 
I forgot to chop wood but I did several other chores I’d long wanted to do. And I overate. Gisella gave me a bag of cookies after the dog walk and I ate them all whilst I re-watched the movie Florence Foster Jenkins. It is, I reckon, my favourite Meryl Streep movie. And Hugh Grant! I love him. 
In the evening, I watched a Polish crime show that was great because the male lead was a magnificent sculpture of a man. I really enjoy watching handsome foreign men films.
This morning began rough: Because I forgot to chop wood yesterday, I was out chopping some this morning at six am in the dark. It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be as I lay, anticipating it, in my warm bed early this morning.
Today’s goals: Running my generator, chopping more wood and checking out the shoes at the Boxing Day sale of our two local clothing stores.
Excellent, uplifting news: Yesterday, I saw the tips of Narcissus coming up in my front garden.
My friends—bless them—have been wonderfully supportive of my inclination to seek more psychiatric help and from a different practitioner. I’m keen for a professional opinion on whether or not Selective Mutism is a valid diagnosis for me and I’d like to see if there are anti-anxiety drugs available that I haven’t yet tried.

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