Sunday, December 15, 2019

The Crown

I’m watching The Crown and I’m enjoying it. How could I not, with such sumptuous sets and costumes? And the writing is smart, bright and witty—Magaret is especially deliciously scripted.
I particularly like the actor/director/writer’s collaboration on the Princess Anne Character. Olivia Coleman is her usual wonderful self; she, of course, plays Elizabeth. 
Like several of my dog-walking chums whom I overheard talking about the series, I had no idea about The Duke’s mother and other plot points. And I think Tobia Menzes does a great job of being Phillip.
I’ve just seen a few episodes; I have more to go tonight.
I received and opened a package in my mailbox from Amazon. But it wasn’t for me. It was for a different Chris who lives down by the water in an area of this island where all the street names are drawn from the novel, Moby Dick. The package of chocolate I received belongs to someone who lives on Queequeg Turnabout. So off I went.
The light was truly lovely as I drove past farms, cabins and homes. It was morning; the stillness was remarkable. The cloud layer was thin and low. The soothing rural view was bathed in a soft and beautiful light; wispy mist, lying low on the fields, added a softness to everything.
The architecture here is wonderfully quirky and decoration is abundant. The addition of periodic modest displays of Christmas lights made me get a Christmas shiver for the first time that I can remember. I drove slowly to take everything in, and I turned up the gorgeous and festive seasonal music plying on CBC 2.
This morning began with bright, but slightly overcast, skies. I came home from the big community dog walk to chop wood into kindling and soak in the spa. I’ll finishing watching The Crown tonight.

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