Tuesday, December 24, 2019

More Help

What a lovely and welcome surprise the clearing sky was as I drove home from the dog walk on Monday morning! And what a great group of dog walkers I belong to! We’ve decided to walk, as usual, on Wednesday morning. I’m delighted I’ll be spending some time with friends on Christmas day.
After the walk, I went into the village to get some supplies for Her Highness and when I came out, it was cloudy again and spitting light rain. I spent the rest of the day at home with the fire and my spectacular four-legged family. In the evening, I watched The Duchess.
Is it because of Christmas? 
Fucking Hell! I am really shutting down. My cousin called and I could not speak to him and I’ve stopped being able to speak in the stores here. I called Jessica on Skype so that I could see her. Still, I couldn’t speak.
I’m going to a party this afternoon. I’m curious about how it’ll go—I’m not anxious, though. I’m going full of optimism. 
I’m going to see Dr. Majic here in the New Year if I don’t do better’ I’m going to ask for a reference to a Nanaimo psychiatrist. This is my mind, that’s ill; my wellbeing is worth another psychiatrist’s consideration and a second try at anti-anxiety drugs. I want to ask about Selective Mutism and potential treatments.  
It’s wet and dark this morning. It’s totally uninspiring. I’ll spend the morning walking Sheba and preparing my dinner so I won’t have any work to do after Regina’s party this afternoon. 

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