Tuesday, December 17, 2019


I did very, very little, Monday. I read some New Yorkers and accomplished absolutely nothing worth noting. The weather was a supreme disincentive; it didn’t rain (but for a bit in the morning) but the day was uninspiring. I really enjoyed my spa in the inclement times and finished The Crown.
This morning I’m worried there’s been a bird apocalypse. There are no birds at all feeding at any of my three stations. Ethel is at the window and she, too, is mystified by the absence of our avian friends. Perhaps there was a Hawk, Falcon or Owl about. There had to be a reason because mornings are the busiest time at the feeders.
Then, not long after ten o’clock, some came very hesitatingly to feed. Most watched as a solitary bird braved whatever is out there, to feed. He grabbed what he wanted and bolted back to the nearby bushes. Four others sat at a distance and watched, but did not approach the feeders. And then they were gone after just one minute and the air was barren of our brethren.
There was more activity in the afternoon, but it was still cautious. I’m mystified as to why now because no predator stays all day and I saw no sign of one. 
In the afternoon, I had a second dog walk and spent the rest of the time sending notes to people who’ve sent me Christmas cards. I don’t send cards, but I respond to those I get. I had no time to work on my armature. But I passed a lovely day anyway that ended with a glorious spa under dark gray skies (but no rain).

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