Wednesday, December 11, 2019


Gabriola is in the news. A six-passenger plane crashed on our island last night and there were no survivors. People here saw it spinning out of control as it came down. It landed on an unused triangle of land that is between homes. I was very concerned at first, fearing it was our local seaplane and one of our wonderful pilots, but it appears to be an American plane heading north.
I got a lot of emails about the crash from concerned and interested friends!
I wrote out a schedule for tomorrow and Friday designed to ensure that I arrive at Friday evening in a decent emotional state. I want to enjoy my own party. My schedule includes my ingredients and lists all that I must do, and it what order, so that all five dishes are ready on time.
I’ll go over it all again today. It gives me a feeling of being “in control,” of “coping.” This kind of event increases my general anxiety so my instructions help to keep me calm. So will the alcohol I intend to drink once finished with my cooking.
Today was relaxed and easy. It actually rained all afternoon. Rain has been rare since early September, so Sheba was very happy to chill indoors with me today.

This is the new cafe at the Polygon Gallery, the public art gallery of photography 
and moving images on North Vancouver's waterfront. It's a brand new space and 
I established its curatorial mandate and was its first curator/director.

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