Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Choosing a Menu

I set myself one task for Monday: Choose a menu for my Friday dinner party.
It had to be vegetarian, involve dishes that interested/motivated me, and dishes that did not require exotic ingredients that would require going off-island. I wanted a simple but interesting meal and it took me hours to decide.
I decided on a lemon and eggplant risotto, sautéed Brussel sprouts with lemon and pistachios and a roasted corn with Manchego cheese and lime dish that I love! Plus there’ll be a salad I haven’t chosen yet and I may make some sourdough bread. And I’m making a Pavlova for dessert because it’s my favourite dessert right now.
Today began with me having an anxiety attack. I was in the chair at the medical clinic here; I was having my quarterly blood test. Even almost after four years of them, and even though they’re much milder now, it’s still embarrassing.
When I got home, it started raining—not heavily, just barely just disappointingly.
But I am happy and delighted to be. And it’s all because of friends have been contacting me with birthday wishes. This morning, it was Frani and Chris. We talked via FaceTime; they are coming here to visit on January 1. They’ll stay overnight and I’m thrilled.

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