Saturday, December 7, 2019

My New Wreath

Saturday has been extremely damp even though there’s been no rain.
Wherever there is open land, the fog is thick. But in the forest, where I live, the trees keep the fog elevated in the treetops and it’s remained clear on the ground. But damp—seriously damp. So I’ve spent the day constructing a wreath of pinecones and the leaves I tired and varnished. 
And while I’ve been working, I’ve been listening to This is My Music on the CBC. I love the program. Guest hosts present a playlist of music they curate and they animate the program with rich bits of information.
Sometimes the program is unbearably narcissistic (hello Liona Boyd), but today it was fun and fabulous. Cellist Cameron Crozman who, it turns out, is extremely charming and interesting, provided a varied and stimulating soundtrack whilst I worked. And now Phillip Gass’ opera, Akhnaten is on Saturday Afternoon at the Opera and it’s fabulous too. What a great day (so far).

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