Monday, December 2, 2019

Yay Leslie!

I was right. Costin and Marina are pregnant. They’re having a boy. I suggested they call him Boris. We talked on Facebook for two hours last night. It was a wonderful evening.
I was very  nervous when I met Costin. I hired him through the aquarium store to be my fish guru and he came to my house, sight unseen. (A male stranger is not something I want coming into my home.) But all my anxiety disappeared when we met. And when he spoke to me about how hard it was to find an original engagement ring for Marina, my heart melted.
He wanted something unique and hand made. He didn’t want something manufactured/commercial and I loved him for that. So I gave him Connie Tyrell’s jewelry that I’d inherited to use in a commission—mostly diamonds and gold that could be melted down. Marina now sports Connie’s gems. 
I struggle with self-esteem, so to feel all the affection of last night’s call was a real moral booster. I promised to visit them in January.
Today has been warmer. It got  up to 5°, but it’s been cloudy all day and damp (but not raining). Weather like today is predicted for the next week. The fire will be raging. 
I shopped today and on the way home I stopped to check my mailbox. There was a key in it and that meant a parcel was in a locker. “But I haven’t ordered anything,” I said to myself. Then I saw the return address; it was from Leslie and I am so, so happy. 
After decades of constant contact, we rarely see each other now. (I last saw here two years ago.) She withdrew years ago and it hurt inside me for years, but now I know we are okay, just on different terms. I am just over-the-moon. I wrote to her about a month ago, and I’m really glad I did. (I mean I really  wrote to her; I wrote a hand-written letter with my fancy fountain pen.)
The “cabin fever” has passed and I feel full of love for this quiet, calm rural life.
PS: I bought myself a pair of Marino wool long johns. 

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