Wednesday, December 4, 2019

To Fine Food!

It’s another cloudy, dull day. But it’s not raining and it’s lovely and mild. In just over an hour, I leave to catch my flight to Vancouver and a fine French meal.  
This birthday has been the best I can remember. The letter from Leslie, the long video chat with Costin and Marina, talking with DR and Dwight—all these connections really has had a wonderful effect on my soul. Dwight called, not realizing it was my birthday today. I loved that because it confirms, as my birthday gift, our spiritual connection.
He called to invite himself over for a couple of days later this month, but before Christmas. He’s coming with his brother whom I haven’t seen forever. So we’ll have a great visit (and I’m going to get him to help me fix a lamp as he did for me last time he was here).
It’s weird. I could barely talk on the phone yesterday and I couldn’t speak with Regina when she dropped by with a birthday present. I had a challenging day, all in all. My broken brain must be nervous about my trip to Vancouver today. But my conscious mind is really excited about seeing Bruce, John and Bunny and having lunch in one of Vancouver’s finest restaurants.
Then back to my paradise with pets.

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