Friday, December 27, 2019

I Am Not a Good Fit With My Generator

My generator cost a fortune because it’s a doozy. It worked twice. Three times since, when I have gone to start it, is has not worked. 
The first time it wouldn’t start, I called Darrell. He got it going but he dropped it off his ramp and ruined one axle and now it is really difficult to move around. The second time, he came over and got it going. This morning, it would not start for the third time. The battery needs recharging.
So … I removed the battery and discovered that it is rechargeable. It says on the battery to refer to the owner’s manual for recharging instructions. There is not a word in the manual about the battery; neither is there any information online—at least that I could find. This kind of work is not natural for me. I am more into the culinary arts. So I went into the village and to the store where I bought it. I expect to hear from them today about how to proceed.
On the plus side: I did very well with the wood chopping. I have learned how to recognize wood in my pile that will split easily and I got a good ten days of kindling chopped.
Last night I watched Knives Out. It was fun but I get lost in crime movies with complicated plots.
Today is predicted to be rainless, as was yesterday. It’ll begin with a community dog walk and then ….

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