Monday, December 23, 2019

Two Popes

Sunday, there was no rain; the community dog walk was a lovely meander through the forest with my friends. 
I watched Christmas Carol on television in the late afternoon and was surprised to get so emotionally involved. But Dickens has a special place in my heart because I read almost everything he wrote when I was young. One of the Tyrells had inherited a complete set of his work in hardcover and I had the entire collection in my bedroom.
In the evening, I watched The Two Popes on Netflix and absolutely loved it. It’s a magnificent two-hander and both Anthony Hopkins and Jonathan Pryce are impossibly good as the two Popes. And, of course, the sets and costumes are sumptuous. I was raised Catholic—I haven’t been a churchgoer since I was thirteen, though—however, my upbringing may have had something to do with my delight with the show.
In just two more days, it’ll be over. Then all the hooey about New Year’s will begin and this year a decade ends as well as a year.

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