Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Happy New Year!

That’s Peter in the photo above. He’s married to my friend Alysson, a fellow adoptee whose birth mother lives on Gabriola. It was taken on his birthday. A friend of his baked the fabulous cake!
I did a wampum cleaning yesterday. On top of the usual things I do, I cleaned the microwave, guest bathroom, the garbage bins, guest rooms, kitty litter box, vacuum, front walk and … I bathed Sheba.
In the afternoon, I wrote an essay for the psychiatrist I hope to see in Nanaimo; I’ll likely be unable to speak to her (him). I provided succinct background information and explanation of why I was seeking the appointment. I’m set and hopeful.
Once that was finished, I took Sheba for our second walk and then went into the village to do some errands including going to the hardware store to ask about how to proceed with my generator. I’ve new things to try to get it going. 
While I was at the store, I ran into Darryl and Elaine. Regular readers—all three of you—may remember my many references to them in posts when I first moved to Gabriola. Darryl is the fellow I hired to build my fence, renovate my studio, lay the courtyard paving stones and build my cattery and vegetable raised beds.  He and Elaine were extraorinarily helpful and welcoming when I moved here.
Well … Elaine entered a contest to win a cruise for two in France—and won! They will be going up the Garonne River from Bordeaux and they’ll be going early to spend some time on their own in a B&B. I am absolutely thrilled for them!  They’ll be touring vineyards at ports of call and sampling French wines on board in the evenings.
“We’ve never been anywhere,” Elaine said. Nicer people could not win such a trip! They deserve this wonderful break!
The hateful anti-Jewish graffiti is gone from Camp Miriam and representatives of the Camp have expressed their gratitude for the compensatory messages of love and respect that have come from islanders. Also, tomorrow afternoon islanders have organized a vigil at which MLAs will speak about the values and strength of an inclusive community that islanders have always felt they have had here. 
What a treat! The day has dawned bright and clear. There is not a cloud in the sky! And today Chris and Frani arrive; how wonderful that they chose two weeks ago to come today!
Yesterday, I could feel my mood elevate when the sun came out. All my thoughts turned optimistic and enthusiastic and today is no different. My spa this morning was truly glorious during the sunrise and in total silence under fading stars.

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