Friday, January 10, 2020

I'm not Dumb

Beth wrote: “I enjoy reading your blog. I know you’re not living riveting adventures, but it keeps me in touch with you, what’s going on, life on your island… and I’m sure lots of your friends feel the same way. I’ll be sorry not to read you almost daily.” 
So here I am again.
I watched The Post. I give it C-. It’s written like a soap opera and is frequently unrealistic at times; for example: the scene where Kathryn Graham is in the linotype room at the end. My father and uncles worked in the newspaper business and I’ve been on a linotype floor and you can’t speak to others because it’s so noisy—but not in The Post. It’s a sit com and I’ve reached my saturation point with Meryl Streep, as wonderful as she is.
This morning: Sleet and wind. There was a dusting of wet snow on my windshield. But I donned my waterproof pants, boots and parka and walked Sheba for an hour; the precipitation turned quickly to rain. I had to wash Her Highness in the bathtub when we returned—but oh the dry heat of the fireplace felt good to us both!
I don’t mind weather like this when there’s a big fire, Apple pie in the fridge and lots to eat. I fetched some DVDs to watch from the studio and I’m set for a cozy day.
Almost every day I read more about mutism. Today I’m glad I developed this condition after the word “mute” replaced the word “dumb” in common speech. I’d hate to have to tell people that I’m dumb. 

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