Friday, January 17, 2020

Night Travels

What a difference a day can make. Look at that glorious sky in the photos above. It was absolutely wonderful to be outside on such a lovely day; 4° felt warm after the past few days!
Sheba loves walking in the snow. Me: Not so much. It’s tiring walking in the compacted snowfall. We had about a foot-and-a-half of lovely powder snow that overnight compacted to a dense foot-thick carpet of sparkling whiteness. It is gorgeous.
I went to the clinic, got my forms for flying to Vancouver and have my reservations. It’s not free after all; it’s free on the ferries but I get a 30% off my airfare and it’s worth the expense. However: Bonus! Henceforth I can have the 30% discount on Sea Air, the seaplane service from Gabriola. So that’s good news.
Once I find out how often and when Dr. Shoja wants to see me after my first appointment, I’ll likely be able to fly from here once planes start coming back to Gabriola later than 3:30 in the afternoon.
So last night I was backstage in London’s West End and then in the summer sunshine working on the debut of a new dance company in Australia. I get around in my dreams; they compensate me for the dull and routine life I lead here during the days.
Today I celebrate the end of my second week without Marijuana. Quitting has been a walk in the park.
Today has dawned clear and bright and the snow has further compacted so walking is much easier. Tomorrow we return to our “normal” winter. The weather forecast shows nothing but endless rain and temperatures around 7° for the ensuing week.

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