Sunday, January 12, 2020

Winter is Here

One of my favourite TV channels is our Knowledge Network. But it has a virus and the virus is called Lucy Worsley. She’s a knowledgeable and accomplished woman (she’s the Chief Curator at Historic Royal Palaces of England), but I loath the programs she hosts that are increasingly popular on the network.
She puts herself in the centre of the narrative, dressing up in costumes, trying historical tools, recipes, dances, etc. She is constantly in the frame; the story is secondary to her constant presence. Her fellow Brit, David Attenborough, does it right; we hear him constantly but only rarely see him.
Yesterday I took a huge load of birdseed in a lockable container to my friend, Patsy. And my friend Beth gave me money to buy her a bottle of Cognac. It was nice to get outside and do errands because it was such a nice day and on the way I drove past a farm in the centre of the island with expansive pastures that were covered with Geese.
It was a sight I’ve never seen before. There were thousands of them feasting on the flooded fields of grass.
Today we are back to clouds, but they were wispy as I left for the community dog walk. However, as we were walking, the clouds thickened and it began, first, to rain. Then came hail and wet snow and much colder air. I was glad to get home to the fire.
The cold has made me crave soup, so I’m off to shop in the village for the ingredients for Mulligatawny soup that I’ll enjoy for the rest of my day in my wonderfully cozy home with the pets.

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