Monday, January 27, 2020

Benedict & I

… And so begins the last week of January. Hooray!
It’s sunny and clear again today and that means I’ll be outside doing more yard work. Yesterday I cleared the driveway (it’s huge) and the front yard of forest detritus and it’s wonderful to come home to a yard that looks so so  much cleaner.
Yesterday at Rollo Park, I saw Daisies blooming in the lawn. And this morning it was light outside at 7:30 am; these signs of the coming of Spring make me feel wonderful.
And speaking of feeling wonderful, I have passed my “indulgence” crisis. I’m finally at peace with the term but it felt harsh for a while. And I’m quite fluent today—perhaps, because last night Benedict Cumberbatch found me so sexually beguiling in a dream.
I’m rather a low-league homosexual. Most of my dreams involving physical affection are with women. Go figure! And the two men I’ve had sexual dreams of are very odd choices: Mr. Cumberbatch (once) and Adam Sandler (also once and a horrifying choice).

I took these photos this morning of the lakes on the trail where I walk each Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings. Because today is the second day with out rain, the trails are not rivers. I’ve included a photo of a mild river flow; it’s nothing compared to what happens in the endless rain. 
When I got home from the walk, I started tidying up the backyard. All I could do before fatigue, clouds and cold made me prefer tea by the fire with The Corrections and then doing some baking, was the courtyard and deck. Looking out at my work feels as good as did a bath after sweating through a couple of hours of manual labour.

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