Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Deep Snow

Wow! It felt fabulous to have energy yesterday! It felt very, very good to be “normal” again. Monday was so, so trying after my 1.5-hour anxiety attack on Sunday night. I felt like the Energizer Bunny yesterday.
It snowed all day Tuesday. It was beautiful but I’m already sick of it and of coldness and wetness—so I baked myself a chocolate cake. I had to; I’ve nothing I want to read and no New Yorkers. And what a long day it was, starting as it did at 3:30 am.
Last night it kept snowing. It’s fairly deep now and -5°. There’s so much snow, our dog-walking group is cancelled for the first time ever since I joined them over two years ago. There’s so much snow, Sheba pees right outside the back door. At least the thick logs of my home keep us reasonably warm through the night.
I get up and get dressed in my sweatshirt and sweat pants quickly—very quickly on these cold, cold mornings. And then I go out to get wood with which to light the fire. And I light a big one. I stuff the firebox with wood and wait.
It’s a good firebox, the heat is soon pouring out the vents and I turn on the roof fan in my living room to circulate the warmth. Still, I wait. It takes about an hour for the rocks of my chimney to get hot and it’s when the whole chimney is hot that the house really warms up. 
I actually love the whole process. I love living with fireplace heat. But tomorrow the rain comes, and with it, warmer temperatures. It’s the first time I’ve been glad rain is predicted in a long, long time. Soon daytime temps will be 8°. 
Also last night, I suddenly realized that my appointment with Dr. Shoja in February ends at 3:00 so I can’t make my flight at 3:30. That means I face a horrid day of transit on the ferries: The Gabriola ferry to Nanaimo at 6:20; the ferry from Nanaimo to Vancouver at 10:40; the ferry back from Vancouver to Nanaimo at 635 and the ferry from Nanaimo back to Vancouver at 9:10. Pooey!
All that transit for a one-hour appointment with the good doctor! At least I don’t have to pay for the ferries; the medical services plan pays my way.
Great news: Season seven of Endeavor is coming to PBS this year and season eight has been ordered. I absolutely adore the show and its cast. 

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