Sunday, January 5, 2020

Rand is Dead

“Rand” is gone. I used to be able to speak using a fake South African accent when my real voice failed, but no more. The loss has made verbal communication impossible; hence, my return to Dr. Shoja and the impending visit of the Gabriola mental health nurse. I am not getting better. (Thankfully, I can speak fluently in my C+ French.)
Thursday and Friday, for no reason and without any plan or forethought, I had very, very little Marijuana. Yesterday, for the first time in decades, I had none. I have no idea if I’ll ever use it again. I’m not adverse to it, but something’s going on.
I’ve been a champion used for fifty years! Suddenly, I have sopped without planning to do so and it’s shocking me at how easy it is and that I’m not missing it at all.
I felt addicted. But I’ve been able to so stop without any symptoms of “withdrawal.” Go figure. Stopping, I reckon, will be excellent for my asthma and pocketbook. And No! I did not make a New Year’s resolution to stop. It just happened.
Saturday, I was euphoric most of the day because of the sunshine. Even though it was a chilly 3°, I could not stay indoors on such a day. So after our first walk together in the early morning, Sheba and I went to Drumbeg. The park was packed with people and everyone was waving and smiling because of the remarkable weather. Beth writes that it’s even warm in Toronto. 
I’m not quite finished The Staircase, but man-oh-man it’s interesting. It’s riveting to see how “justice” is reached. It’s a detailed examination of one case—possibly an accident and possibly a murder. Coincidence may be a player; corruption is definitely a player.
What appalled me was the sisters of the deceased. They decide the man charged is guilty and they have absolutely no neutrality, no regard for truth and no respect for fairness. Their conviction and behavior—they—are revolting.
I learned so much from the series and felt a lot of emotions. It’s an extraordinary story of everyday people. 

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