Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Summer's Comin'

Eu-phor-i-a! At 1:30 this afternoon it was 13° and brilliantly sunny. I feel reborn and ful of hope and joy. Plus, I got my car tuned up ahead of the local mechanic closing up shop next month. I haven’t felt so good in ages and my joy is evident in my speech.
While the car was being serviced, I went for a walk to Twin Beaches. I spoke fluently with everyone I met; we were all gleeful about the weather and hopeful that Winter is behind us.
But this morning was wet! We had torrential rains last night. 
Last night I went to the cutest seaside French village that had one fairly large restaurant with lots of indoor seating and a huge patio. (In a dream, of course.) Lots of people were seated on a nearby terrace awaiting a place at a table, so I wandered into the countryside and befriended a young woman with whom I met a beautiful peahen, stunning butterflies and other insects and glorious flowers. 
It was brutal to awaken from that beautiful village, full of quaint little homes and stores, to the sound of rain pounding on my roof. This morning’s dog walk was torture. But now, I’m off to the park with Her Highness for more vitamin D and after that, a lovely long soak is my plan before finishing all six hundred pages of The Corrections.

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