Sunday, January 26, 2020

I Love Annie Lennox

I am a diehard Annie Lennox fanatic. I absolutely adore absolutely everything about her. She has a magnificent voice that has not diminished over the years (she’s sixty-five). And her moves; I’m just smitten. The woman can do no wrong. Here’s a link to a concert she did is April 2018 with the BBC orchestra.  

When she sings No More I Love Yous I cry. Listen to her richer lower tones; the highs are still there, but the lower notes sound fuller than they did on her recordings in this concert. No autotune, no edits, just raw beautiful majesty. It’s a great, great intimate concert.
It’s an hour. Stay for Why and Sweet Dreams at the end. Pop singers just do not come any better than her!
Sunshine this morning! Not a cloud in the sky! And it’s been “warm;” I was out at 8:30 raking the driveway in a t-shirt and building up a sweat. By the time I had to leave for the large community dog walk, the driveway was clear of the Fall and Winter forest fall and it looked fabulous. 
It felt great to see a tidy yard emerge again. It truly lifted my spirits. And it was great to be outside in sunlight with Her Highness—incredibly great because last night was a horror. 
Last evening, by mistake, I took my HIV medications twice. The night was intense and gave me a powerful drug hangover through the morning. I was reeling and felt rather sick. And it kept me awake stewing about “indulgences.”
Cathy, the mental health nurse I saw called my anxiety attacks “ indulgences,” and that word has festered in my mind and turned me into an angry person. I don’t want to see her again but I am going to, if to do nothing but complain to her about making me feel such guilt and shame. I cannot believe this is helpful.
She has known me for forty-five minutes. She said: “We call them indulgences.” I want to know who “we” is. I want to know how shaming diagnosed with PTSD helps me.
However, she was also very sympathetic about my background, so I’m hoping we can restore my faith in her and respect for her when I see her on Tuesday. Dr. Shoja never shamed me; not once.
Today I’ve been back into The Corrections, the book I’m reading. And tonight: Great television. Hooray!

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