Monday, January 6, 2020

Dog Scare

Sunday started dark and wet. I was head-to-toe in rain gear when I went on the dog walk; it was raining rather hard. By the end of the walk, I was carrying my coat and glowing under clear blue skies. 
On the afternoon walk at Rollo Park, a dog named Tibo ran up to me, jumped against me and snapped at me in the face. Its bite was millimeters from my nose. John, another dog owner who was there and who knows me, went ballistic at Frank, Tibo’s owner. Frank did not punish Tibo, nor did he apologize to me and John was furious. Frank leashed Tibo and left the park.
After Frank and Tibo left, Isobel and Mitch arrived with their two Poodles and Sheba and Baxter exhausted themselves playing. It was wonderful to watch them play together and to come down from the shock of the dog attack.
I’m still stunned that I seem to have quit Marijuana. I found it very strange that this has happened with no premeditation. But a lot has changed since my breakdown; I guess this is just another aspect of my evolution. My experience has confounded my understanding of addiction; I’m not craving it at all or suffering in any way.
But then I remember when I smoked cigarettes.
One day I went into a store and bought a brand new package of smokes, and when I came out of the store, the light turned red and I had to wait to cross the street. So I opened the package and looked around for a place to put the cellophane I’d removed and saw a little trash bin attached to the telephone pole beside me.
In went the cellophane; green went the light, and without any premedication, in went the whole package of cigarettes and my smoking days were over. And then, like now, I experienced absolutely no desire for a smoke from then on. Either I’m rather unique or addiction is not the as difficult to overcome for everyone.
Rain. We’re back to it. Thank God for reading by the fireplace for days like today! 

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