Thursday, January 2, 2020


It works! My generator is roaring with energy thanks to advice from Mike at the store where I bought it, and to Chris, who gave me courage and conviction to lie down on the wet ground and make an electronic adaption. I feel so great to have managed to get it going (with help) and that it works.
On the downside, no psychiatric help is available in Nanaimo.
Last year, there were fifteen psychiatrists in Nanaimo. This year there are four. There are 1,004 people on the waiting list to see them. Dr. Majic suggested I return to Dr. Shoja, so that’s what I will do. He also will have the island mental health nurse see me.
It will take time to get an appointment, and shuttling to Vancouver may prove nasty if I want to go for free using the TAP form we can get here. But Dr. Majic said,  “You cannot go on like this.” It made me feel good to hear that; he is a kind man. I really like him.
What a glorious day yesterday was!
I got home from the dog walk just after ten and started sweeping the courtyard and back deck wearing a t-shirt and no sweater or coat. It was sunny, it was brisk and bright, and it was indescribably wonderful to be doing yard work outdoors in mild, mild weather in January! We are all, however, worried about our plants that are budding like mad already.
I had a great morning, preparing things for dinner and tidying before Chris and Frani arrived. Chris built the theatre I designed and raised the funds to build in North Vancouver in the early 1970s. Through him, met and came to love his wife and two incredible kids. (I know: All kids are incredible, I reckon.)
We are extremely compatible. They are family. We’ve vacationed together many times and so excitement powered me through my morning chores. We had a wonderful visit, meal and evening playing Tile Rummy. And this morning we had some lovely time together before they left.
I had five anxiety attacks while they were here. It is not fair. And it was impossible to speak with Dr. Majic this morning. I’m not in good shape.
But my generator works! And I have my beloved pets.

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