Saturday, January 11, 2020


I got tired of waiting to hear if I could see Dr. Shoja via my GP here, Dr. Majic, so I wrote to her yesterday. I’m rather obsessed with my communications problems and hopeful that I can get pharmacological help, so I bit the bullet and wrote to her myself. 
I got an immediate reply: “Yes, we should definitely book an appointment together.” I called the airline and I am booked for February 24th. I was so relieved and happy, I cried with relief. It’s a ways off, but I can wait and I am blissfully happy I’m going to see her. 
She replied very quickly. I did not expect that. All the rest of the day I felt like the sun was out—like a bandage was on my wound. I am so, so happy to be seeing her, too, and not a Nanaimo psychiatrist. Feeling help is coming is indescribable.
Here’s something you don’t think about when you buy a log home: The logs are round. Duh! That means there’s a “top” and a “bottom” to each log, and dust collects (and readily, I might add) on the top of each log so I have to dust every bloody one.
My house is nine logs high and so there’s “miles” of logs to clean.
Week two without dope has begun!
It’s 5°, and thank God! It’s predicted to cool again next week, but today is seasonably mild and it’s not raining. Bonus: The clouds are thin so the day is bright and we’ve already had some sunny periods.  Hooray!
Today I walk Her Highness on my own. As with many of these winter mornings, I don’t relish the thought of going out in the cool dampness of the day, but inevitably, I love it once I am “out there.”
And I’ll be “high” all day on the knowledge that I’ll soon be seeing Dr. Shoja. 

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