Monday, January 20, 2020

Great PBS TV!

Well… that’s one-third of Winter done! But there’s two more months of it to come before the season of rebirth. I can hardly wait. This has been the closest to a Winter of discontent that I’ve ever had; life with out the distractions of the city and get-togethers with my friends has been hard this season. Still, it’s right that I am here.
Sunday’s dog walk was too long and too wet but it earned me the right to come home, dig into my book and ignore the havoc of my yard delivered by the recent storms. I did a lot of baking.
In the evening, a glut of great TV programs including a new one called Vienna Blood. It’s basically Sherlock all over again, but with a reversal: In Vienna Blood, it’s the doctor who’s the insightful genius and the detective who’s the apprentice. I enjoyed it. And coming on the same night as Howard’s End and Sanditon, Sunday night television is better than dreaming.
Today began with my small dog-walking group. We were lake walking, but at least all the snow is gone and my gumboots are high.
Then I went to Colleen’s, a fabulous local store run by truly lovely people; I mention them because I had an “episode” there and I could not have been treated with greater care and respect. And … I have a lovely new flannel duvet cover! It, and clear bedding, will make for a fabulous night sleep tonight.
I have an appointment with the local mental health nurse tomorrow afternoon. I’m glad to be meeting her, as she will be another resource for me. 

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