Friday, January 3, 2020

Enjoying Relief

Above is my friend Allan in costume as Princess Diana’s butler. He was hired to play the role in a movie he says was absolutely “tacky.”  
It rained most of yesterday so Sheba and I stayed indoors all day. It rained all night too. I could hear hit thundering on the roof. But miraculously, it stopped just before this morning’s dog walk. And it’s so warm! It was 10° at 6:30 am! I mean, really! That’s incredibly warm for January!
Today I’ve been reading New Yorkers and napping. But that’s about it. It’s a dull life I lead. But I’m enjoying relief: I’m relaxed because my generator is working again, because Dr. Majic was so sympathetic to my appeal for help and because my dog walking friends have agreed to care for Sheba when I have to go to Vancouver to see Dr. Shoja. 
I like this quotation of (the great) Peter Schjedldahl: “I like to say that contemporary art consists of al art works, five thousand years or five minutes old, that physically exist in the present. We look at them with contemporary eyes, the only kinds of eyes that there ever are.”
I have no guests scheduled to visit, ever. Some prospects exist, but I think I’m going to be alone, except for dog walks, for quite a while. That’s okay.

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