Thursday, June 18, 2020

Back to Nanoose Bay

I pulled up a great many weeds from the front lawn yesterday. It felt very good to see a magnificent improvement in the look of the yard—I’ll put seed on the holes later today. I took pride in the physical approach I’ve adopted (as opposed to using weed killers).
Today’s job was to drape anti-bird netting over my Blueberry bushes. But I cancelled those plans; I’m going back to Nanoose Bay to see Diane, Ashlee and Alex instead, and I’ll stop at a nursery on the way to get some stakes with which to secure the netting. It’s likely to be a very comfortable twenty-four degrees today.
It’s a stunning day. The trip will be lots of fun in such a gorgeous weather.
I can vividly remember that when I moved here, every trip to the big island produced meltdowns, but no more. It’s amazing how much better I am!
I’m kind of astounded to have passed Diet Day 2 so successfully. I’m definitely into this effort to lose weight. I feel optimistic that I’ll be successful, but that’s easy to say after two days. There are many, many more to go! It’s less a diet than a change of lifestyle; I have to abandon my constant baking and eating of baked treats.

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