Friday, June 12, 2020

Monsoon #2

I love theatre, so The Madness of George III was a delicious experience, but I did not think it was a great play. The performances, the (overly clean and fresh) costumes and staging were all fabulous, but the script felt forced at times and bland at others. Still, I loved the privilege of watching such a rich theatrical work.
Small Island is next. Hooray: Not Shakespeare!
Day two off the leash.
This morning began with another Monsoon. I cancelled my morning dog walk; it was too nasty and wet out there. It was a day to spend with Fredrick Backman and Ove. Whomever translated A Man Called Ove is as brilliant as Mr. Backman is at writing. I love the book and his writing. He is a very funny writer.
I lit a fire this morning, in June! It wasn’t cold, it was just very damp, and so I lit the fire to feel nice and warm and cozy indoors and did a laundry to take advantage of the heat. (I never use my electric drier.)
As I post this, it’s twelve-thirty and the sun is out. Hooray. I see only blue sky to the west, from whence comes our weather, so this afternoon will be much nicer. 
The weekend might be drier, but Monday’s trip to Nanoose Bay is looking iffy as more rain is predicted. But apparently sunnier and dryer weather is coming mid-week next week.

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