Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Video Telappointment

The fountain is renewed and going better than ever. And as part of the cleaning process, I killed a bazillion Mosquito larvae. You’re welcome. It was a lovely soft gentle day on which to work; it was warm and bright, but slightly overcast and very, very comfortable. Then I edged the gardens close to the courtyard and cleaned up the courtyard.
I’m very conscious of not having any pressing project underway. I appreciate the lack of pressure every day to “keep at it.” Instead, I do a regular two-to-four hours work around here every day and I am easily and happily keeping up with all that needs to be done.
I appreciate the maintenance work around here. It gives me something to do, it keeps me active, and the result is a yard that looks like a park.
We went to the park in the afternoon and in the evening, I watched a pretty good documentary about trans people on Netflix called Disclosure.
It rained during the night, so I don’t have to water today. And now, although it’s quite cloudy and looking ominous, the sun is starting to come out so I may get more done outdoors today. It’s predicted to clear up later and tomorrow is predicted to be hot and sunny.
This morning, I heard from a friend I haven’t see for a long time. Steve was the partner of my dear friend, Crystal, for many years. They had three kids together before splitting up and the kids are surrogates for me. I adore all three of them. 
I haven’t seen Steve sine long before my breakdown, so we’ll have lots to talk about. He’s coming Friday afternoon and leaving on Sunday.
I had a video-phone appointment with my Asthma doctor this morning. It was a first for me and I’m more in love with Dr. Dorscheid than ever. Tonight: Two more episodes of Normal People.

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