Monday, June 1, 2020

Not Much Happens

Yesterday morning, I went to the large Sunday morning dog walk. It was the first one since the onset of the pandemic and it was lovely to be back in touch with all the other dogs and their owners. Regina, of course, was there and she is reviving the small dog walking group that meets three times a week. 
Yesterday afternoon, during bouts of glorious sunshine, I got started on cleaning up the vegetable garden. Its paths, between the raised beds, are thick with weeds. I’m doing edging for the first time in its two-year history and mowing all the pathways. It’s making a huge and positive difference. I’ll continue today because it’s a dawned a really nice day.
Otherwise, I’ve naught to report. Hence no post yesterday. My life is impossibly dull. Every day seems just about the same as the one before. 
But I did get some good news yesterday: My friends Fran and Sue, who visit each Spring, are coming to Gabriola. They always get a B&B here and we have a few visits together. I’m very happy they’re coming. It’ll be very nice to see long-time theatre friends. And John and Bunny have proposed meeting in Nanaimo for a day together sometime soon. 
That’s it. 

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