Saturday, June 27, 2020

Steve's Big Day Here

Friday dawned with a clear bright sky, but it got get increasingly cloudy but stayed warm and delightful all afternoon and evening. Today may be like yesterday, but come tomorrow, we’re supposed to start a spell of sunny and hot weather (27°).
I’ve went on the dog walk yesterday morning and watered all the gardens I hadn’t watered on Thursday, and then I went shopping for supplies for Steve’s visit.
I met him at the terminal in the early afternoon and brought him home to see the place and meet the pets. Then we took Sheba to Whalebone beach at low tide before coming home for dinner and then watching Pan’s Labyrinth
I don’t know Steve very well. He’s a beloved friend’s ex-partner, and we’re not at all alike in any way. It’s a not entirely comfortable visit, but he got up early and is off trail running and I am glad of that. We’ll reunite for the afternoon and tomorrow he leaves at noon.
I'm glad we've great weather today, so that he can explore the island and I can have some time alone. I made us dinner last night, but tonight I reckon we'll get a pizza to share to make things easy and we'll watch another movie.
It’s rather amazing to me that I’ve not had any baking or sweets for eleven days. Yesterday, I treated myself to just about three grams of chocolate. I’m staying very active whilst the climate allows, and having no problems at all restricting my intake and adhering to the no-sweets rule.
Next week on, The National is showing Les Blancs. The preview makes it look very appealing; it looks like a stylish and very dramatic story about race relations. It got stunning reviews.

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