Monday, June 15, 2020


I watched Grantchester and Beecham House on PBS last night and remained distant from both. I could not re-engage with Grantchester. It’s still well-done, but I tire of any series after a few seasons. Beecham House was a classic “set up” first episode, heavy on exposition and telescoped tension. It was pretty dreadful, but it’s set in India, Beecham is handsome and the actor playing his brother is a favourite.
It’s dark and wet. Last night, Ethel shit on my bed; this morning Fred and/or Ethel ransacked my bouquets of Lavender that Jane kindly gave me yesterday. I dropped a full bag of garbage on the floor half-an-hour ago and came home from the dog walk, absolutely soaking wet. I feel like a used car today.
And yesterday, when Dianne saw me after not having seen me for many months, her first words were: “You’ve put on weight!” This, the day after buying my fat pants. It’s time to do something about my weight. Damn. 
I traded my Marijuana addiction for indulgence in sugar. Now I’ve got to get a handle on my sugar addiction. It’s going to be hard. I figure it’ll take a good year to lose the weight I’ve put on over the four years since my breakdown. I’ll have to stop constantly eating baking and start exercising. Exercising is, however, not my thing.
Later today, I’ll weigh myself and comprehend the enormity of the problem. I’ve dieted successfully twice in the past but this will be my biggest challenge ever.
Nanoose Bay was wonderful. It was great to be with friends and I experienced no symptoms at all. We had a great meal on the deck overlooking the sea and had lots of fun talking and being together. Tomorrow, we’re supposed to start three days of decent weather. I may be tempted to go back again. I’ll see. Then the rains return for another long stay. Come on Summer! Let’s get going!

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