Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Fountain Cleaning Day

I’ve never before had a power lawnmower. The one I have uses gasoline and makes a dreadful racket whilst I mow. I have four areas of lawn; I mow one at a time because I can’t stand the noise for too long and don’t want to disturb my neighbours for too long, either. Normally, I’d expect the lawns to be dying now, from drought, but this Spring has been cool and damp (and lovely) and so everything is growing in profusion.
My day in the gardens yesterday was glorious. I don’t mind this quarantining at all. Every day is wide open, to be lived as I please; I feel no pressure whatsoever about anything.
I kept working on things until it was time to take Sheba to Rollo park to play with the other dogs or chase the ball. It was a lovely, slow, soft, warm, cozy afternoon under cloudy skies and the smell of freshly cut grass in the park air. 
Then it was home to have a spa and make some Mulligatawny Soup for dinner.
Today is yet another day of high thin cloud and warm temperatures. My task for the day is to disassemble and reassemble the fountain, to clean out the filters I installed. Tight now, as I look out at it, there’s a Hummingbird having a bath in the top tier and a Robin is drinking out of the bottom one.
My fountain, the three feeders, the suet bar and my many berries and blossoms make my yard a paradise for birds. I’m very happy about that; I am rewarded with song.

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