Friday, June 26, 2020

Steve D. Comes Today

I worked my but off yesterday. Cleaning the bar-b-que was a job I’d long put off, as was cutting down all the weeds in the un-landscaped part of my yard. I was so chuffed by all I’ve done of late, that I decided to get started on bringing order to my shed.
I broke at ten thirty to be part of a Zoom chat with long-time theatre friends and to walk Her Highness. Then I got back to work on the shed. Man-oh-man, the shed looks fab-u-ous! But hey, it’s just a shed, my true man cave full of tools, construction materials, wood and my generator and such. But it’s tidy!
Honestly, Pinecone Park just shines!
Last night, I tried to watch Wise Children, by the Bristol Old Vic Theatre Company on YouTube. I searched it out because The National is broadcasting Shakespeare this week, and as my blog followers know, we’ve broken up. But I could not engage with neither it nor Act One by Lincoln Centre. I’ll try again next week.
This morning I go on the small dog walk and then I’ll go shopping to get supplies for Steve’s visit. He arrives at one-thirty. 
Below are photos from my walk at Happy Hour yesterday. The Daisies are out in full bloom right now, and everything is still so green. The open spaces are glades and they are all so beautiful. Dogs go mad in them; they run around like cats on catnip after the confinement of the trails.

Daisies fill every open spot.

Digitalis are in bloom everywhere too!

This is a forest of Stinging Nettles.
To the left of the trail is a huge grove of Thistles that will
soon fill the forest air with a sweet, sweet scent.

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