Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Croquet On!

The rain started just as I dressed for the dog walk with Eoin, yesterday. It was not coming down hard enough to stop us though. Still, it felt great to come home and get into dry clothes … and to have a whole day ahead of me with absolutely no demands.
As I sat at my computer looking outside, the rain seemed to make everything greener. Looking out, made me enjoy the dryness of my clothes; it felt lovely and cozy to be indoors, warm and completely carefree. But I love the rainy days of Summer; the lawns and flowers get a welcome watering and there’ll be a growth spurt over the next few days.
I read without guilt. Nothing was going undone. I finished Less, a novel that I found to be a thoroughly common (romance) novel. It didn’t strike me as clever at all—not in plot, structure or style. I found things implausible and others to be forced for the comedy. To me, its win insults the many Pulitzer winners I’ve read that are true masterpieces.
I got an email from Fran. She and Sue emailed on Monday to say that they were coming to a local B&B for a week in mid-June. But they’re not coming after all. So, I mailed “the boys” (Eoin, Fran├žois and Jay) to see if they want to have a picnic lunch and play Croquet on Friday when it’s predicted to be nice weather. 
I’m very keen to play the game. It gets us outdoors and having fun together in a beautiful park. And I feel safer proposing outdoor parties right now. Doing things with the boys, safely, and resuming dog walks makes life feel normal again.
Today I heard from them all and we’re on! Yay!
I sat on the deck and watched the Hummingbirds mid-day, yesterday. There is something about them that everyone loves; they’re teeny and brave, talented beyond belief and absolutely gorgeous. I have more of them this year, this Spring, buzzing and dive bombing in the yard, than ever before.
In the afternoon, I baked cookies and then went to Rollo Park with her Highness. We went late, to avoid other people, but most of the nutbars (plus Gunther) were there and it was fun to see them now that I don’t every day.
And this morning my small dog walking group started up again. It was really good to see everyone. I’m a big fan of Colonel Doug. He’s the nicest guy! And Dianne’s enthusiasm for being back together was infections.
When I got back, I went shopping and now, after I post this, I plan to do some mild gardening and tonight, I’ve to bake a tart for our Croquet lunch.

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