Saturday, June 13, 2020


I bought some fat man clothes this morning and I filled up all my gas containers so that I have fuel for the generator this winter and for the lawn mower this summer. Then I went on a good long walk with Her Highness, plus I took her to the park for some chasing the ball (that exhausts her). I hoped she’d sleep for the whole time I was at Surf Lodge for lunch with Fran, Victor and Alexis.
Once back home, it was off to the park with Sheba. When we got home, I discovered one of the cats had started using their bed as a toilet. I suspect Sheba, while I was at lunch, played her favourite game: Lying on the floor in front of the cat passage to the back porch where their litter box is. It’s all about being in control. 
I put the cat bed into the washing machine and now I’m posting this. Next, I’m going to light a small fire because it’s raining now and fires make me cozy. s

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