Wednesday, June 10, 2020

C'est Fini

I spent all yesterday inside, baking, cleaning and reading.
Where the Crawdads Sing is a good story, well told. It’s easy to get hooked on the plot of a crime story. It did a great job of evoking the marsh and life in it. I liked that. But it’s a bit like a dessert; it’s great to read but there’s nothing nutritious in it.
I took Her Highness for a quick walk and then left her with Sarah for a grooming, and while she was being cleaned up, I went food shopping. Then I came home to get a call from Cathy, the mental health nurse.
As we all wait for a Covid vaccine, here is a sobering thought: Science has not yet discovered a vaccine for HIV. HIV is a Lentivirus (not a Covid) but still, over the past forty years no vaccine has been developed. 
Big news: I had a challenging (for me) talk with Cathy, and I am not going to have any more appointments for a couple of months. I am supremely happy to be “free” of the homework and feeling broken. Now, I can just get on with being a largely symptom-free Chris.2.
I was dreading today’s talk, but she was thrilled that I felt strong enough to end the sessions. We have stopped on excellent terms and I’m feeling giddy about living without therapy and symptoms. Yes, I still have some speech problems in certain circumstances, but they are dormant hereon Gabriola where I feel so safe and happy, and when I am with friends. 
I was thrilled that Cathy said something like this: “I’d be pushing back against your decision if I felt you weren’t ready, but I think you are and I’m excited for you!” (She actually used the word excited.) 
My friend, Fran, is here, staying at a B&B for a week. She has friends coming to join her who arrive tomorrow, so I’ll have some social contact this week. Yay!
Sheba has two feet that have damaged skin. I had her and her feet sheared today so that I can monitor her wounds and administer antibacterial cream. She’s is otherwise healthy and happy, but I look forward to getting her wounds healed up.
It’s nice and warm but cloudy. There’s been some brief sunny breaks and no rain. There’s nothing but rain in the forecast, so I’ll get lots of reading done. I’m reading A Man Called Ove, by Fredrik Backman, next.

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