Sunday, June 21, 2020

Dull Weather, Dull Life

I have a beauty of a fountain in my backyard. It’s about three meters tall, makes a lovely sound and has a very elegant simple shape, but I wanted Ivy to grow clinging to its base. So, I planted some cuttings last Fall and they took and are now climbing up the base of the fountain. I am absolutely thrilled.
My climbing Rose is blooming and filling the upper portions of the trellis with new shoots. And I harvested a whack of Garlic scapes yesterday, boiled them briefly, sautéed them in Olive oil and ate them, sprinkled with Parmesan, for dinner.
I also finished A Man Called Ove. It’s a pretty easy and great read—nothing heavy, a little too Hallmarky for me, but great!
On June 15th, I weighed 212.5. That as the day I decided to lose weight. This morning, almost a week later, I weighed 209.7. I’d hoped to lose three pounds in a month, but it only took six days and so I’m stoked about this dieting because I believe that I can do this! Three down, twenty-seven to go.
The sun is currently out, but the sky is mostly covered in clouds. I’ll ditz away in the gardens much of the day after the big Sunday morning dog walk. I’ll mow the lawns and start covering the Blueberries with nets to keep the birds out. And I will care for the little ground-bound bird I discovered yesterday, and thought was gone. It reappeared this morning. I believe it hides under my deck. He/she is not terribly afraid of me, so I scattered some seeds for it and it ate a good meal.

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