Friday, June 19, 2020

Feeling Old

Thursday was a lovely day. I bought fruit to take to Dianne for our lunch and went to the nursery to get poles I’ll use to protect my Blueberries from bird theft. It was a lovely warm day (24°) but there were thin overhead clouds preventing us from getting too hot.
We went to a really lovely little park for an adventure (Moorecroft Park) and then I left to catch the five pm ferry‑the ferry that didn’t arrive until five forty-five. We left at six. Sheba and I didn’t care; we went for a nice long walk together and had treats in the car.
I was so tired, though, when I got home, I went to bed at eight o’clock and slept soundly through until five this morning. And I… I had a nap after the dog walk, so today will be a relaxed day. I’ve done some weeding and watering/fertilizing, but I’m see not keen to do much more.
Well … I messed up. I thought I’d seen all of Normal People and I was disappointed in the ending and the implications of more will they or won’t they, but there are two more episodes of season one online, so I’ll watch them tonight (or tomorrow if I watch the National’s Small Island tonight).
I have one Sweet Boxwood plant that keeps having scores of, what someone around me when I was young, called “suckers.” They’re shoots that emerge from a root, so I cut them off as close to the root as I can, dip them in root hormone and plant them around the yard. They all thrive and that excites me because they bloom in January/February and smell sweet as Jasmine.
From the Feeling Old Department!
This is a headline from today’s online Vancouver Sun: “City of Vancouver report: Buyers need $8,571 monthly to afford median-priced West Side family-sized condo.”
When I started teaching high school in affluent West Vancouver after graduating from college, my annual wage was $7,900.

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