Monday, June 22, 2020

Five Pounds!

Sunday was a really nice day. I felt good about the numbers I saw on my bathroom scale and the dog walk was lovely beginning to the day because I walked far behind the group, on my own.
I attended to staking up my Roses, got a good start on protecting the Blueberries from avian opportunists (but I ran out of netting), got more netting and two new plants from the nursery and mowed the front lawn. Then I rested; it was, after all, the sabbath!
In the evening, it was television: Grantchester and Beecham House. I could watch Grantchester, but Beecham Housebores me.
Today is warm but, as with yesterday, there’s a lot of cloud. I got very busy cleaning when I got up, even washing all my wood floors before going on the small dog walk. It’s likely to be brighter this afternoon, so I’ll continue with netting of the Blueberries, do some transplanting and plant my two new shrubs.
I am startled! 
I first weighed myself on June 16th. That was exactly one week ago. I weighed 212.5 pounds—thirty pounds heavier than I have ever weighed in my life. So, I stopped baking and eating all I baked, increased my activity a bit and watched how much and how often I ate all week. 
Sunday, I was thrilled, surprised and very happy to discover that I weighed 209.7 pounds. That’s five pounds fewer in a week! I’m encouraged and feel aptly rewarded; it makes it easier to adhere to my new protocols. I realize I am not on a diet. I have changed how I eat, for good. I’ll bake again because I love baking and eating what I make, but it won’t be again as it’s been this past four years.
This morning, I decided to check my weight because it didn’t seem possible to lose three pounds so quickly and I weighed 207.7! Something’s up that I don’t understand. I know things will slow down, but I’m very encouraged.

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