Saturday, September 4, 2021

Better Late Than Never

Friday was a lovely, lovely day at Pinecone Park. I did absolutely no work. All I did was putter around the house, making food, watching the telly and taking Her Highness for walks. I loved not doing yard work. I even lit a fire, burning some construction detritus from Merrill’s and Leo’s yard.

I’ve decided to limit my working and to enjoy these last few days before the chaos of several visitors whom I really look forward to seeing. 

Saturday was another relaxing day. And… it rained! From noon until 4:00 it rained—not heavily, but constantly, and for a brief period it rained heavily. It felt very, very good to know that the forest plants were getting water and I didn’t have to water the gardens.

And now, Saturday at 7:30 pm, the sky is pale yellow, casting an eerie glow on all the greens of the forest. It’s very beautiful and very weird at the same time. And everything is wet. It may be time to seed the areas of the yard I cleared this Summer.

Book season is imminent. I’ve got stacks of unread books to read. I’m ready for the rains. 

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