Monday, September 6, 2021

Mutsu Searching

Sunday was another quiet lazy day. It began with the big community dog walk under cloudy skies, but it was lovely and warm.

On the walk, I learned from a friend were the person who grows Mutsu apples has a roadside stand; in the afternoon, I went searching for the stand but couldn’t find it. But I’m on the case for Mutsus. Another friend on the walk is a volunteer fire department here, and from him I learned that the unconscious woman I found in the ditch had suffered a heart attack.

Today has dawned as did yesterday. It’s cloudy and mild. I’m going walking with Regina, Di and Donna and then I’ll just chill the day away. Paula arrives on Wednesday, and then Nicky comes when she leaves, and Steve arrives right after Nicky leaves, so these days of relaxation are, hopefully, going to help keep my symptoms at bay.

I’m grateful for these days that do not require me to water the garden. The clouds and cool nights have the soil still moist from Saturday’s rain.

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