Tuesday, September 28, 2021

I ❤️ Support Groups

Meeting the two women (via Zoom) who were also diagnosed with FND has changed my relationship with my condition. Talking with them was incredible. They made me feel lucky to be able to be living my life mostly alone in extremely quiet rural surroundings. They asked if I felt my isolation was by choice or if I felt restricted by FND.

Although I love my life here very, very much, it was not I choice. I felt compelled to move out of the city, and Dr. Shoja said it would probably do more for me than she or any medicine could do. FND has drastically changed my life and these new Stamma  meetings via Zoom have given me a safe place to talk about my coping strategies and feelings.

I have been profoundly moved by the sense of relief and greater understanding of my condition that my two Zoom support groups have brought to my life. I get from them, the same sense of calming and understanding that Dr. Shoja gave me. They give me community; they are kindred spirits.

In less than a week I’m to go to Vancouver for a couple of short visits with friends, and to a friend’s wedding—a friend whom I haven’t seen since the early 1960s. After the wedding, I’m going to sleep in the van with Sheba. I’ll be back late Sunday afternoon.

I’m doing this because I think it’s important to socialize, but I’m kind of dreading the whole trip. I will know exactly two people at the wedding. One thing will be fabulous: lunch at Ancora restaurant before the wedding.

Swell … Here I go again. I’ve got to lose weight. I lost 49 pounds last year and I’ve put a lot of it back on. Dr. Majic told me to lose 5 pounds; I figure Ican lose more than that, and I figure I can keep it off this time. I must moderate my intake of sweets permanently, just as I have done with Marijuana and Diet Coke. 

Nureyev's grave: A gorgeous mosaic rug.

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