Thursday, September 9, 2021

Paula 's Visit

Yesterday began as a dark overcast day, but by 10:00 am, the sky had cleared and the first day of Paula’s visit became spectacular. 

She arrived on time, and I met her at the top of the dock. We came back to the house and chilled for a while before going into the village so that she could visit her favourite two stores here, then we came home for lunch. After lunch, we just hung out for a bit and then we went on a lovely afternoon walk with Her Highness.

She brought a lot of Salmon for our dinner, and I had Corn on the cob and a Caesar salad for us as well. Then we just chilled in front of the TV before going to bed. Paula is an easy guest.

In a while, we’ll walk Sheba and go into the village so that she can go to the local dispensary. Later, we’ll walk again, and at 4:00 she flies back to the city. I get tomorrow to myself, and on Saturday, Nicky arrives. 

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