Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Party for Steve

It was dull and wet yesterday. It was a perfect day for baking, and I had a lot of baking to do! I made a beet and toasted poppy seed sauce for the faro pasta, cut the chicken and made a Thai basting sauce for it so that I was already to go when it was time, croutons and Caesar dressing, and one of my favourite dishes, roasted corn with Manchego cheese, lime and jalapeno.

I had two short rests so that I was not mute and exhausted for the dinner, and Steve and I went to the museum, but it was closed.

The dinner—the food—went over very. Steve didn’t help me with the cooking or the dishes, but he did set the table and he was attentive to keeping our guest’s glasses full of wine. I love him, but I’m glad we’re not together as a couple.

But hey, today is a new day. I was up early to do all the many, many dishes so that I’d come home to a clean home. We’re going to Nanaimo today for his Covid test and my kidney ultrasound, and we’re going to a nice restaurant for dinner. We won’t be home until late. I’m putting the bed in the van so that I can rest. I’m still exhausted from yesterday and we have a busy day in store today.

These are wire sculptures of soldiers beside the
graves of WWII soldiers in France.

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