Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Sunshine Revival

Tuesday was a perfect antidote to ‘the sads.’ The morning was bright and sunny; it was lovely and warm. My walk with Her Highness was a spectacular sensual delight, and afterwards we went to Doug’s and Gisela’s to pick Apples. Even better: When I got home, I did the deer proofing I wanted to do on a front garden and lots of domestic errands. After days of lethargy, it was good to find myself motivated to do chores.

The afternoon was overcast with slight clouds, but it stayed deliciously warm and so my afternoon spa was truly lovely. I went to the nursery and got six large Garlic bulbs to plant. I may even get more because Garlic is my favourite thing to grow. The evening was spent on the couch watching Pale Horse (Agatha Christy and starring Rufus Sewell, whom I’ve always admired as an actor) on CBC Gem.

I awoke this morning to torrential rain, but by the time I left for our dog walk the sky was clear and lovely warm sunshine shone golden on the trees. My mood soared. Now, however, it is overcast and not looking nearly so promising as an outside day. 

I finally broke down and joined Apple+ TV so that I could watch the second season of Ted Lasso. I love Hanna Waddingham, and I adore many of the actors/characters in the series.

The buzz on our walk this morning concerned our local bakery. The baker sold his home-based business for 1.2 million dollars, gave 150 grand to his former wife, and has moved into the home of a local wealthy woman. His bread was fabulous, so we’re all waiting to see what the new owner bakes (and if his ex goes after him for more money).

I’m excited about tomorrow. At 10:30, I will be part of a Zoom call for adult-onset stutterers and I’m very keen to meet my fellows. 

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