Sunday, September 12, 2021

Miss Nicky Day

Today has been a very busy day; I’ve been preparing for Nicky’s visit. I cleaned, tidied up and baked in advance of her arrival and, of course, there were walks with Her Highness. I got an early start (6:00 am) and was on my feet and in constant motion until 2:40; Nicky being due at 3:00 or shortly after.

I made two tarts: A caramelized garlic tart, with cheddar and spinach for our dinner, and a caramelized lemon tart for dessert. Yum! Then I lay down on the couch to chill until she arrived.

She arrived just before 5:00 and we started talking and didn’t stop until we went to bed. She loved my tarts, and we had a great, great time remembering our past and our mutual friends. Nicky was part of the greatest experience of my life, inventing the play, North Shore Live, that became a sensation. But the experience ended badly when her co-star and the director sued me (and lost).

She leaves today, but Steve arrives tomorrow.

The weather is back to normal. It rained yesterday but it’s nice and bright this morning; there’s lots of clear blue sky. The endless sunshine is over; it’s time to seed the former wasteland. I’ll be Zooming today with my stuttering group and walking Her Highness, but I reckon I’ll get the bare land seeded today. 

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