Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Steve Arrives

Monday morning began with a dog walk with my friends, then I went into the village to shop and, miracle of miracles, Wishbone had Manchego cheese. Hurrah! I can make my favourite corn dish for the dinner I’m making for Steve, Eoin, François, Jay and I tomorrow night. Then I came home to bake a chocolate cake for our dessert tomorrow.

It was another lovely day yesterday and it’s predicted to be nice again on Wednesday when Steve, Sheba and I have a long, long day together on the big island where he will get his Covid test that he needs for re-entry to the USA on Friday, and I will have my kidney ultrasound. Then we go to a lovely looking restaurant in Cedar for a five-course pris fixe meal.

At 1:30, I left to go to Silva Bay to pick Steve up at the float plane dock and we came home to chill before going for a walk with Her Highness and to have leftovers for dinner. I was exhausted by the time dinner came, and so I went to bed early.

I was up early this morning and got busy again, right away. Tonight, Eoin, François and Jay are coming for dinner, so I’ve a lot to so to be ready. I’m serving a four-course meal: Caesar salad, a pasta dish (faro pasta with beets, browned butter and baked poppy seeds), Thai chicken and a roasted corn dish with Manchego cheese and lime. I’ve a lot to do today.

Angel piss is falling today, it’s a good day for cooking. Steve and I will likely check out the museum today. I’ve never visited it since moving here.

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