Thursday, September 16, 2021

Nanaimo & Ultrasound

I was dreading yesterday. Steve had an 11:00 am appointment for a Covid test so that he can fly home on Friday, so I thought we should leave here at 8:45 to be sure to be on the 10:05 ferry. But when I got up, I had an email from the ferry authority saying sailings had been suspended due to a staff shortage. Steve freaked out.

However, at 8:00 the ferry was back in action, so we stuck to our plan, but the schedule was way, way off, so Steve and I felt it necessary for him to leave me and Sheba, and walk to the terminal to be a foot passenger. I was sure I was not going to get on the ferry in time. But ... I was able to get on and be reunited with him. I was one of the last two cars boarded.

So, we made his appointment and then we went to a gorgeous, and absolutely stunning park that surrounds a beautiful clear lake for a nice long walk with Her Highness. Then we went into town for a delicious sushi lunch. After lunch, we went to another glorious park and then I went for my ultrasound of my kidneys.

After that, we went for a walkabout in the old part of Nanaimo and then to another park for more walking with Her Highness before driving to Cedar for our five-course meal. What was great about the meal, was that it was a set menu. We each got different dishes and never knew what they would be until they arrived. It was all delicious and our server was a delight. It was a great, great evening.

We didn’t have to wait too long for the ferry home, and when we got home, I took my pills, did my teeth, and went directly to bed. I was totally beat after such a busy day, but it was a glorious wonderful sunny fun-filled day. 

Jay, Eoin, me and Fran├žois

Neck Point Park

Mahle House Restaurant

More Neck Point Park

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