Friday, September 10, 2021

I've Been Busy

Thursday passed most enjoyably; it was a beautiful warm day (26°). Paula and I went on a great walk with Her Highness, and we had a nice lunch on the deck. At 3:30, I took her to Silva Bay and the plane home. It was a lovely visit, and the laundry is done, ready for the arrival of Miss Cavendish.

The big accomplishment of yesterday was registering to vote in the federal election by mail. I don’t want to be around a lot of people on election day, so that’s been averted.

Another achievement of the day yesterday was being invited by Stamma, a UK society supporting people who stutter, to join their online group of adults who develop a stutter.

I wrote to every stuttering association I could find about an adult onset stuttering group, but no one had one. Not in Canada, the US or the UK, but Stamma was the only group to invite me to explain why I felt one was necessary. That was easy! Children born with a stutter, get free speech therapy and the love and support of their parents. As adults, most of them lose their stutter or learn to ‘manage’ it. Adult-onset stutterers get no free speech therapy, and the medical system will not support any medical aid.

Stamma has kept in touch ever since, and yesterday they invited me to join their group that will be hosted by two speech language therapists. I am the only non-UK person invited. I’m very excited about this online group.

Friday began with a small group dog walk and then I came home for a quick turn-around before going to François’ and Eoin’s for lunch. As always, the food is delicious. Eoin was in the food industry; he creates unforgettable meals. He’s a gifted chef and they’re terrific hosts. Here are my photos….

But first, a photo of Steve, my beloved ex, and Dwight, my brother by soul. They had lunch together Friday. Now the photos from my day and the boys’ ever-increasing small farm. (I took no photos of the several edible gardens, their products always a big part of what we eat.)

They're willing to give me some ducks, so I'm re-thinking.
I'd love to have ducks in the yard.

François and the two male pigs. One of their females is pregnant.

The latest harvest of their Peppers.
There are four or more varieties.

Eoin was drying Scarlet Runner seeds.

The view from their balcony.

One of their two Whippets. This is Clovis.

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