Wednesday, September 8, 2021

Ppaula Arrives

Well… Yesterday was busy and not the relaxing day I’d planned for myself. I did the pruning I wanted to do, some shopping and I’m back to having to water all my gardens as everything had dried out even though our island got a good soaking on Saturday. I also had to clean up and make up the guest room for Paula who arrives later this morning… with Salmon!

We did two lovely walks, Her Highness and I. In this spectacular weather, walking is a joy. Yesterday afternoon was a summery 28°!

This morning, however, is damp and grey. It rained slightly during the night, and it’s raining again now as I write. Although I am glad for the rain, I wish today was like yesterday because Paula arrives at 10:30 to stay until late tomorrow. Regardless, we’ll have lots of fun together as we haven’t been in each other’s company for a year and a half.

But first, a damp dog walk. It’s my first dog walk in rain since, probably early May. 

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